Playwright and Theater Director, Hernan Galindo has written more than 50 plays and has directed over 100 stage productions. His productions include plays in a variety of different genres written by a wide range of universally known writers as well as operas, Spanish operetto’s and musicals. He has designed and directed macro events such as parades and multidisciplinary performances

Three time award winner of the National Playwright’s Prize (UANL) for his productions of People of the rain ( 2004), The hidden beasts ( 1992)  and  The yearning of peaches (1990). Two time award winner of the National Theater Prize (INBA) from the government of Baja California for his plays Children of the salt( 1994) and Cycles in the garden( 2004).

His play Children of the salt won the prize granted by the National Institute of Fine Arts which is the highest level of recognition for playwrights on a national level. Author and director of the famous stage production Genesio, from comic to saint; his play was selected as a finalist in the Jubilee Contest for Dramatists in Rome in the year 2000 where it was selected to remain permanently in the theatre archives of the Vatican. He has worked with well known actors and people of distinction such as Ofelia Guilmain, Gustavo Rojo, Anabel Ferreira, Silvia Pasquel, Laura Espinosa, German Dehesa, Eugenio Leon and Alberto Estrella.

Currently, he is the Director of  Theatre Arts at the University of Monterrey  where he has directed plays such as: The Elephant man, Dona Rosita La Soltera, Amadeus, Othello, The Diary of Ann Frank, Metamorphosis, A Portrait of Dorian Gray and The Affected Ladies.

Other Recognitions:

  • The CONARTE Prize in anthologies, Dramas of Nuevo Leon for The red shoes of my heart.
  • The Publications Prize from the Municipality of Monterrey for Seven farsical encounters, 1993.
  • In 2007 he accepted the invitation to direct PALENQUE ROJO.
  • Palenque Rojo has now completed over 500 performances.

Most recently, he has been honored by CONACULTA (National council for culture and arts) who has invited him to become a Member of the National System of Artistic Creators.